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The light artwork “The Beehive” refl­ects the spirit of WOW-Amserdam . A temporary home for young art professionals, urban explorers and much more.

With a focus on the vibrant character of WOW this light art work is like a totem, the small lights resemble the people passing through, they travel from distant places, like bees they ­fly into their hive, where they can stay and feel at home, but also work and adding to the legacy, to the spirit, with its ever changing colours the hive shines out to the world with all the diversity which it accumulates it embodies the soul of the creative explorer.

To be unveiled around the end of 2015.

Powered by Zumtobel.

Plastic oven designed for Raw Plastic Project

Suame Magazine inspired flat pack, no screw assembly stool design.

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