Suame Furniture

This set of lounge furniture was presented at the DesignLab lounge area of the Rietveld Academy graduation show 2014. The shape and construction are based on a standardised furniture style, inspired by the beauty of practicality after a visit to the Suame Magazine in Ghana. Without any formal organisation or design rules, carpenters nevertheless achieve a standardised construction method. The fascination of how this kind of basic seating elements exist in so many places out of apparently pure practical reasons is what inspired me to take it as a starting point, and develop it further.

Sliding Dove-tail construction, easy assembly, no screws needed.

The wooden stools below are the most common objects used for seating in the Suame area in Ghana, this is a very productive industrial area, these versatile seats proof to be very useful in this type of active workspaces.

The same kind of construction is used to make the most common type of bench. It is a very basic model which can be made by carpenters with basic tools. I decided to try to make a metal version together with local craftsmen, even though it is a small adjustment, it aroused great interest from people in the area.



The transformation from wood to metal, using straightforward constructional adaptations. The stool seen below was made in the Suame region in a sheet metal workshop that usually does car repairs, with the use of a paper model this version was made,  the parts have also been painted locally in a nearby car body paint shop.






Trying out the old and the new stool.

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